Planning for College

AICCU 85 independent, nonprofit colleges and universities are located throughout California and provide regional access for students.

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Transfer Commitment

The AICCU Transfer Commitment is part of the sector's commitment to serve all types of California students. Transfer pathways include campus articulation agreements, and the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) program.

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Government Relations

AICCU speaks on behalf of the ICCU sector and seeks to strengthen those institutions through collaboration, governmental advocacy, and public engagement aimed at supporting the ability of the ICCU to successfully serve students, families, their communities, and the state.

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About ICCU

  • 39% of AICCU member institutions are Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI), and 82% are Yellow Ribbon Institutions.
  • 63% of AICCU undergraduate students are non-Caucasian.  
  • $625.5 Million in institutional grant aid is provided annually to AICCU undergraduate students. That is money that does not need to be paid back! 
More About AICCU


Each year AICCU publishes a College Guide and a Transfer Guide to California's independent, nonprofit colleges and universities. The guides help counselors, students, and families learn about higher education options offered by the ICCU sector. 

AICCU also publishes annual factsheets to highlight the impact of the ICCU sector on California.

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